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You’re at a store and you can’t figure out which household item to buy, there are just way too many brands that makes you indecisive on what to choose. And the people, they just can’t wait, all of the people just want to go ahead of you, it even looks like a warzone at times. Don’t worry, QnE has a solution for you, we have almost every household items you need, whether it’s Air & Room Fresheners, Batteries, Cleaners & Cleaning Accessories, Kitchen & Dish Washing, Pet Food, Insecticides & Insect Killers, items related to Laundry and even Shoe Care, we have got it all. No more heading out to stores and waiting in lines, all you have to do is just sit back, relax, grab your phone and visit our website. QnE gives you the best prices available ONLINE in Karachi and all over Pakistan. Order almost anything by following simple steps and get it delivered to your door step in just a couple of hours via express delivery.


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