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    In Karachi purchasing of fresh vegetables & fruits and meat is indeed a very intense task, you need to be vigilant while selecting each piece when it comes to buying of fruit and if we talk about vegetables, it should be fresh, smells good and not be rotten. The same goes for meat, we often see a whole lot of bees around the meat that’s just lying around meat shops for display and then later sold to the customers. We used to hear “subzi lay lou phal lay lou” a few years back on the streets when a guy on his cart known as subzi phal wala visited doorsteps for selling fresh fruits and vegetables but we don’t see him anymore. Well, no worries, QnE brings you everything fresh and gives you the best prices on fruits, vegetables, meat and much more ONLINE in Karachi and all over Pakistan. Order almost anything by following simple steps and get it delivered to your door step in just a couple of hours via express delivery.


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