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Buy Spices, Masala, Recipe Mix Available Online at Your Doorstep with QnE

Have you ever wondered about buying spices online? QnE made it easy for you. Now you don’t need to go to grocery stores and find spices. It’s time to save your energy and time all you need is to tap on the QnE Online store and buy whatever spices, herbs & seasoning, Recipe Mix you need with free home delivery.

Masala, Spices & Recipe Mix at Wholesale Best Prices & Finest Quality Available

QnE offers you a wide array of spices, herbs & seasonings, a Recipe mix of different brands like Shan FoodsNational FoodsMehran FoodsHabibMalka Foodsand Open / Khula Masala Products with wholesale prices. From Biryani Masala to Korma Masala or Karahi Masala we have each and everything available. Isn’t it more convenient for you to buy online spices of your choice with the finest quality in the best price with free home delivery? QnE makes it easy for you now you don’t have to rush to grocery stores because QnE has all the best brands on board to give you a perfect mix of spices online.

Showing 1 - 24 of 95 products
Save Rs.23.00
Sale priceRs.107.00 Regular priceRs.130.00
Save Rs.10.00
Sale priceRs.120.00 Regular priceRs.130.00
Save Rs.15.00
Shan Khusbudar Lehsan Powder 50gm
Sale priceRs.65.00 Regular priceRs.80.00
Shan Khusbudar Lehsan Powder 50gmShan Foods
Save Rs.5.00
Selani Red Chilli Powder, 180gm
Sale priceRs.195.00 Regular priceRs.200.00
Selani Red Chilli Powder, 180gmSelani
National Custard Banana 120g
National Mixed Fruit Jam 440g
Save Rs.5.00
Selani Turmeric Powder, 100gm
Sale priceRs.95.00 Regular priceRs.100.00
Selani Turmeric Powder, 100gmSelani
Save Rs.10.00
Rossmoor White Pepper  25 gm
Sale priceRs.136.00 Regular priceRs.146.00
Rossmoor White Pepper 25 gmRossmoor
Falak Whole Black Pepper Corns,85gm
Falak Ginger Powder, 60g
Sale priceRs.230.00
Falak Ginger Powder, 60gFalak
Shan Tez Lal Mirch powder 50gm
Save Rs.5.00
Shan Karahi Masala 23g
Sale priceRs.25.00 Regular priceRs.30.00
Shan Karahi Masala 23gShan Foods
Save Rs.5.00
Shan Khalis Haldee Powder 50gm
Sale priceRs.50.00 Regular priceRs.55.00
Shan Khalis Haldee Powder 50gmShan Foods
Zeera White (Opm) 100 gm
Sale priceRs.150.00
Zeera White (Opm) 100 gmQnE
Save Rs.15.00
Shan Teekhi Kali Mirch Powder 25gm
Sale priceRs.45.00 Regular priceRs.60.00
Shan Teekhi Kali Mirch Powder 25gmShan Foods
Save Rs.11.00
Shan Taaza Dhania 50gm
Sale priceRs.44.00 Regular priceRs.55.00
Shan Taaza Dhania 50gmShan Foods
Save Rs.114.00
Shan Tez Lal Mirch Powder 200 gm
Sale priceRs.266.00 Regular priceRs.380.00
Shan Tez Lal Mirch Powder 200 gmShan Foods
Save Rs.3.00
Shan Achar Ghosht 25GM
Sale priceRs.27.00 Regular priceRs.30.00
Shan Achar Ghosht 25GMShan Foods
Save Rs.5.00
National Chat Masala 50gm
Sale priceRs.95.00 Regular priceRs.100.00
National Chat Masala 50gmNational Foods
Save Rs.22.00
Shan Zaiqaydar Adrak Powder 50g
Sale priceRs.88.00 Regular priceRs.110.00
Shan Zaiqaydar Adrak Powder 50gShan Foods
Save Rs.38.00
Shan Achar Gosht Masala 100gm
Sale priceRs.152.00 Regular priceRs.190.00
Shan Achar Gosht Masala 100gmShan Foods
Save Rs.15.00
Shan Zafrani Garam Masala Powder 25gm
Sale priceRs.150.00 Regular priceRs.165.00
Shan Zafrani Garam Masala Powder 25gmShan Foods
Save Rs.20.00
National Chilli Garlic Sauce 500g
Sale priceRs.130.00 Regular priceRs.150.00
National Chilli Garlic Sauce 500gNational Foods
Save Rs.20.00
National Coriander Powder 100 gm
Sale priceRs.75.00 Regular priceRs.95.00
National Coriander Powder 100 gmNational Foods

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