Respiratory Agent

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Respiratory Agent
Showing 49 - 68 of 68 products
Gravinate Injection 50mg 25 Ampoules of 1ml
Telfast 180Mg Tablet
Telfast 60Mg Tablet
Sale priceRs.225.00
Telfast 60Mg TabletSanofi Aventis
Tiovair 18mcg RotaCapsules 10s
Tiovair-F 12/18mcg RotaCapsules 10s
Xylor Tablets 10mg 10s
Phytus Cough Syrup 120ml
Sale priceRs.196.00
Phytus Cough Syrup 120mlPharm Evo
Aria 0.2mg/ml  Syrup 1s
Atarax 10mg Tablet 25s Strip
Gixer 5mg/5ml Syrup
Exigentin Syrup 60ml
Ventolin 2mg/5ml Syrup
Zatofen 1mg/5ml Syrup
Sale priceRs.107.00
Zatofen 1mg/5ml SyrupNOVARTIS
Exigentin Tablets 10mg
Gixer 10mg Tablet
Rigix 5mg/5ml Syrup
Sale priceRs.135.00
Rigix 5mg/5ml SyrupAgp Pharma
Atarax 10mg Tablet
Gixer Syrup 60ml
T-Day 5mg/5ml Syrup 90ml
Muconyl 1.5mg+66.5mg/5ml Syrup

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