Respiratory Agent

Showing 1 - 24 of 68 products

Showing 1 - 24 of 68 products
Arinac Forte Tablets 400mg
Arinac Tablets 200mg 10s
Flueze Tablet
Sale priceRs.32.00
Flueze TabletWerrick Pharma
Hydryllin Syrup 120ml
Rigix Syrup 5mg 120ml
Sale priceRs.135.00
Rigix Syrup 5mg 120mlAgp Pharma
Belair 5mg Tablet
Cosome Cough Syrup
Sale priceRs.106.00
Cosome Cough SyrupMerck Pharma
Softin Tablets 10mg 10s
Tixylix Cough Linctus
Save Rs.10.00
Arinac Suspension 100mg 120ml
Sale priceRs.72.00 Regular priceRs.82.00
Arinac Suspension 100mg 120mlAbbott Laboratories
Fexet-D Tablets 60mg/120mg
Mucolator 200mg Sachet
Zyrtec Tablets 10mg 15s
Atarax 25Mg Tablet
Britanyl 0.3mg/ml Syrup
Atem 0.025% Nebs
Sale priceRs.78.00
Atem 0.025% NebsCheisi Pharma
Telfast 120Mg Tablet
Hydryllin Sugar Free Syrup 120ml
T-Day 5mg Tablet
Sale priceRs.66.00
T-Day 5mg TabletGlaxosmithkline
Save Rs.6.00
T-Day Syrup 90ml
Sale priceRs.80.00 Regular priceRs.86.00
T-Day Syrup 90mlGlaxosmithkline
Jardin-D Tablets 5mg
Sale priceRs.259.00
Jardin-D Tablets 5mgHigh-Q Pharma
Jardin Tablets 10mg
Ventolin Syrup 120ml
Ventolin 4mg Tablet

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