GI Agent

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GI Agent
Showing 73 - 96 of 97 products
Spasfon Injection 1 Ampx4ml
Spasfon Tablets 10s
Somezol 20mg Capsules
Ruling Plus 40mg Powder Sachets
Ruling 40mg Injection 1vialx10ml
Risek Inj 40mg 1 Vial 10ml
Rabosh Tablets 20mg
Peptiban Tablets 40mg
Peptiban Tablets 20mg
Omezol Capsules 20mg
Nocid 40mg Tablets
Nexum 40mg Capsules 7s
Metoclon Syrup 5mg 50ml
Metoclon Injection 10mg 20Ampx2ml
Ganaton Od 150Mg Tablet
Ganaton 50Mg Tablet
Fasteso 20Mg Tablet
Eskem 40Mg Capsule
Eskem 20Mg Capsule
Enterogermina Oral Susp (Ampule)
Ecotec Sachet
E-Cap 40Mg Capsule
Duphalac Syrup 240ml
Dijex MP Suspension 120ml

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