CNS Agent

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CNS Agent
Showing 1 - 24 of 129 products
Save Rs.212.00
PARIDOPA 125/31.25/200mg TAB
Sale priceRs.1,198.00 Regular priceRs.1,410.00
PARIDOPA 125/31.25/200mg TABPharm Evo
Evokalm XR 200mg Tablet
Sale priceRs.504.00
Evokalm XR 200mg TabletPharm Evo
Oxivort 20mg Tablet
Sale priceRs.548.00
Oxivort 20mg TabletPharm Evo
Save Rs.59.00
Evokalm 100mg Tablet
Sale priceRs.329.00 Regular priceRs.388.00
Evokalm 100mg TabletPharm Evo
Save Rs.75.00
Evokalm  200mg Tablet
Sale priceRs.426.00 Regular priceRs.501.00
Evokalm 200mg TabletPharm Evo
Save Rs.27.00
Evokalm  25mg Tablet
Sale priceRs.155.00 Regular priceRs.182.00
Evokalm 25mg TabletPharm Evo
Save Rs.191.00
PARIDOPA 150/37.5/200mg TAB
Sale priceRs.1,084.00 Regular priceRs.1,275.00
PARIDOPA 150/37.5/200mg TABPharm Evo
Save Rs.46.00
Voxamine 50mg Tablet
Sale priceRs.261.00 Regular priceRs.307.00
Voxamine 50mg TabletPharm Evo
Epival Tablets 500mg 10s
Epival Tablets 250mg 10s
Nootropil 800mg Tablet
Gabica 300Mg Capsule
Sale priceRs.505.00
Gabica 300Mg CapsuleGetz Pharma
Olanzia 5mg Tablets
Seroxat 20mg Tablet
Depex Capsules 20mg
Sale priceRs.202.00
Depex Capsules 20mgMerck Pharma
Citanew Tablets 5mg 14s
Lerace 750mg Tablet
Sale priceRs.343.00
Lerace 750mg TabletHilton Pharma
Exelon 3mg Capsules
Sale priceRs.1,460.00
Exelon 3mg CapsulesNOVARTIS
Gabica 75Mg Capsule
Sale priceRs.200.00
Gabica 75Mg CapsuleGetz Pharma
Gabica 50Mg Capsule
Sale priceRs.162.00
Gabica 50Mg CapsuleGetz Pharma
Gabica 150Mg Capsule
Sale priceRs.265.00
Gabica 150Mg CapsuleGetz Pharma
Gabica 100Mg Capsule
Sale priceRs.225.00
Gabica 100Mg CapsuleGetz Pharma
Epival CR Tablets 500mg 10s
Epival 500mg Injection 5ml Ampoule

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