Nestle Nido 3+ Powder Milk 375 Gm

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Description :

At the age of 3, your child starts to go to school to learn and interacts with other children. Nido 3+ has L Protectus, immuno-nutrients and brain nutrients. L Protectus helps in strengthening the digestive system, immuno-nutrients help in enhancing your childs immunity and brain-nutrients help the childs brain development.


Features and Benefits

NESTLÉ NIDO 3+ has L Portectus, brain-nutrients and immuno-nutrients. L Protectus is clinically proven to help strengthen your childs gut defenses. Brain Nutrients like Iron and Zinc support your childs normal cognitive function such as learning. Immuno-nutrients such as Vitamin A, C and D, Iron, Zinc and Selenium help support your childs immunity


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