Canesten Cream 10g

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Canesten is an anti-fungal preparation of clotrimazole preparation that is used for external use.  This cream is used for the treatment of yeast infections of vagina, mouth, and skin infections. The infections might include athlete’s jack, body ringworm, jack itch, pityriasis Versicolor, oral thrush, and other skin fungal infections. The Canesten cream is also used to treat dermatomycoses caused by fungi, moulds, yeast, etc.

How to use

This cream should be applied 2 or 3 times daily thinly and rubbed gently. A single strip of cream (1/2 cm long) is enough to treat an infected area. Once started, the treatment should be continued for at least one month of dermatophyte infections and at least 2 weeks for candida infections.

If your feet are infected, they should be washed and dried first, especially between the toes and before applying the cream.

There are no other dosage or separate dosage scheduled for young and elderly people. 

Side Effect

Here are some side effects of Canesten cream that you might experience when applying for this medicine.

•         Swelling

•         Irritation

•         Stinging

•         Burning

•         Pimple-like bumps

•         Redness

•         Tenderness

•         Flaking of the treated skin

If any of these effects get worsen or persist, seek medical attention right away. 

When not to use

This medicine is contraindicated in hypersensitive patients to drugs, as this cream may contain some inactive ingredients that may cause an allergic reaction over your skin.


Clotrimazole Topical


•         Before you use this cream, tell your doctor or pharmacist if you are allergic to it or are allergic to any ingredient of this medicine or other azole anti-fungal that may cause allergic reactions in your body.

•         Apply enough medication to cover the infected area and some of the surrounding skin. After applying the medication, wash your hands, do not wrap or cover or bandage the infected area unless your doctor directs it to you.

•         Discuss with your doctor when using this medicine if you are pregnant.

•         This Canesten cream passes into breast milk, so make sure you consult your doctor before breastfeeding.

•         Tell your doctor about your medical history when using this medicine.