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Gillette A king of the hill when it comes to high-end shaving razors and trimmers, no one can beat Gillette. These Gillette razors and trimmers are designed to work along with the advanced mechanism to give you a smooth and comfortable shave.

Gillette Pakistan has been in the business since 1905 and adapting innovative designs since then. You can completely change your shaving experience with the latest inventions right from the Gillette labs.

Gillette products that you can pick at QnE

Now, if you are short of time for an interview and your stubble beard needs to be shaved, if you have got Gillette razors at your back, you don’t have to worry about anything. There is a wide collection of Gillette men’s razors and trimmers that give a refreshing, smooth, and exceptional shave in just a couple of minutes. The Gillette face razors are easy and safe to use.

With the three-bladed Gillette Mach 3 that are sharper than steel blades, shaves smoothly without worrying about getting cuts. Each razor they produce is engineered to stay in use for 15 comfortable shaves. Moreover, these men’s razors follow the Dura comfort technology features an open blade architecture for easy washing and rinsing of blades.


        ⚫  2x protective micro fins.

        ⚫  Easily compatible with any other Mach3 razor.

        ⚫  Deeper shave.

        ⚫  3x blades with anti-friction coating.

        ⚫  Offers are new and better feel every time you shave.

The unique architecture and sharp blades of Gillette Blue 3, make your shaving game strong.  The non-slip made up of rubber handle provides a perfect grip. It also uses lubricant tape that allows users to handle the razors with great comfort and also allows you to have a comfortable shave even without clogging. The blue 3 comes with the 3x shaving knives.


         ⚫   Offers smoother shave

         ⚫   100% excellent rinsing.

         ⚫   Enhanced lubrastrip for grip and comfort.

         ⚫   Gives up to 5 shaves per razor.

         ⚫   Soft grip to handle.

We have also got Gillette Mach 3 Hercules razor 1up which delivers a smooth and clean shave, ensuring that your face doesn’t get any redness on it and the same shining results even after the 10th shave. The 3 blades it uses are flexible and sharp for an easy shave. The highlighting feature is that this razor carries a Front pivot Technology that follows the contours and directions of your face. It’s one of the best razors for men.

At QnE, you can also get sensitive shaving razor cuts, Gillette Fusion ProGlide shaving manuals carts, Gillette series splash cool shaving wave, Gillette blue II, Gillette blue II plus, and many more. We also offer the best possible Gillette shaving kit price in Pakistan with free and fast delivery.