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Ariel- Number 1 brand for cleaning

Ariel Pakistan is the number 1 brand that most washing machine manufacturers recommend all around the globe. Ariel surf and detergent is no less than a pro in cleaning all types of stains, no matter how hard they are. Just a single wash with Ariel will clean your clothes properly and will give a good, refreshing feel every time.

The hard stains like lipstick, paint, mascara, tea spots, and blood are difficult to remove. Suppose any of that lands on your shirt or pant and you are continuously trying to remove it but it’s not cleaning? No worries because with Ariel surf, things are getting pretty easy and simple. The stain expulsion formula of Ariel laundry detergent powder can easily deal with multiple kinds of tough stains effectively and efficiently.

The original Ariel washing powder is designed for both regular use and hand wash use. No matter which format you use for cleaning. It uses a grease-cutting technology that gives an outstanding round wash that easily removes the stain and removes a refreshing scent on your clothes while caring for your whites and color clothes.

We can’t deny the fact the washing clothes with hands separately is an effective way. But with the Ariel machine expert, things are easier because the Ariel machine expert makes sure that your clothes get the stain removed for extra hygiene. It is boosted with the highly-efficient enzymes coupled with the infused concentrated washing capsules that make sure that stains don’t stand a chance.

The advanced technologies used in the manufacturing of detergents are specifically designed to release powerful components into the water to remove the hardest stains.

The touch of downy, washing powder detergent features freshness and offers a delicate and refreshing scent. This downy washing powder is specifically designed to use with an automatic machine (for front and top load). Ariel downy washing powder a must-have tool in your laundry room if you want a tough detergent that can fight hard stains and leaves a refreshing scent for a longer time.

All in all, Ariel is a trustworthy ally for you that can easily the hardest stains with just one incredible powerful wash.  Now you must be thinking about where you would get the best Ariel surf price in Pakistan. Well, no need to think more, because you are at the right place. At QnE- an online grocery store you are getting Ariel washing powder at the best prices in Pakistan.