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Bad day at work and you come home with a long face. Trying to convince yourself that it wasn’t such a bad day after all, you just have to go home, eat your biryani and sleep but…no. To ruin your day even more, an unwanted guest shows up in your biryani. Yes, that’s right, ELAICHI! A man’s worst nightmare. But it’s alright, don’t worry we’ve got 7up to your rescue. A lemon lime flavored and non-caffeinated soft drink just a call away to save your meal and your day. Saving your meal to freshening your day, 7up has got you covered so chill and love your food. We give you the best prices and deliver to you at your doorstep straight out of QnE. We’ll provide you with just the right amount of prices you are looking for in Karachi and all over Pakistan, so no need to rush out to the nearest store and buy a drink while your meal gets cold. So just take a seat and contact us or visit our website. Place your order now and we’ll be at your service in just a couple of hours via our express delivery.

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