Sunridge 100% Whole Wheat Chakki Atta

Rs 515

Description :

Wheat flour is a very important part of daily meals which fulfils a major part of our nutritional needs. We can not compromise on its quality. Sunridge foods is introducing high quality 100% whole wheat flour.

Sunridge chakki atta is produced on Pakistan’s first and only PESA mill. PESA Mill is the latest Swiss technology that produces superior quality chakki atta. This milling process delivers consistently high quality whole wheat flour without any extraction.

Soft Roti:

Sunridge quality control process and PESA Mill’s superior milling consistently delivers quality 100% whole wheat flour so you can have soft and scrumptious roti every time.

Health & Hygiene:

Sunridge chakki atta is produced on end-to-end automated process employing world-class food safety standards. Its three steps cleaning process removes stones, dirt, dust and bacteria.

Benefits of 100% whole wheat flour:

Sunridge chakki aata is 100% whole wheat aata with all its natural fibre, vitamins and minerals. It meets all the requirements of natural, healthy and nutritious whole wheat flour. Two small rotis of Sunridge Chakki aata fulfil 24%* daily dietary fibre requirements of a normal person.

*Based of 2000 calories diet.